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Fylo landing page with two column layout

Includes JPEG design files, all assets, style guide and starter code

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Download the Sketch file (includes mobile and desktop designs)



Your challenge is to build out this landing page from the designs provided in the starter code.

Download the starter code and go through the README file. This will provide further details about the project. The style-guide.md file is where you'll find colors, fonts etc.

Keep your code as clean as possible. Be sure to use semantic HTML5 markup and reusable CSS classes.

Stay away from using front-end frameworks, such as Bootstrap, Foundation, and Bulma. Treat this as your practice ground for building a web page from the ground up.

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Getting started

  1. Download starter code
  2. Read the README.md file and have a look around the project
  3. Get colors, fonts etc from the style-guide.md file
  4. Set up your project/file architecture however you want
  5. Start coding!

Ideas to test yourself

  • Use version control while building the project
  • Write your styles using a pre-processor, such as Sass, Less or Stylus
  • Try using Flexbox and Grid for layout
  • Add content transitions and hover effects to clickable elements
  • Write your own JavaScript form validation for the email fields
  • Practice working in a team by building with friends

Includes JPEG design files, all assets, style guide and starter code


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    Bootstrap is the most well-known front-end component library. It's a very well-written tool, perfect for rapid prototyping or web development.
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