Build projects like the professionals

Trying to get hired for a new front-end role?

Grab recruiters' attention by demonstrating real experience and presenting a professional portfolio.

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    It's hard to stand out!

    Web development is a very rewarding career, but it can also be hard to build a great portfolio and stand out from the crowd. To-do app anyone?!

    You've been coding for a while but do you still feel like...

    •'re not experienced enough or ready for a new role?
    • lack confidence in your skills and have a sense of imposter syndrome?
    • don't have confidence in the quality of your portfolio? (we're not designers after all!)
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    Why not step into the shoes of a professional developer?

    There is no better way to prove your credentials than by presenting a professional portfolio.

    Our premium challenges mimic real-world development processes so that you can...

    • …learn to build fully-functional, multi-page websites to a design
    • ...use the original design file to see the exact styles you need
    • a portfolio of projects you'll feel proud to share

"Something like this would have helped me a lot when I started out, but I'm happy that it exists for those who are starting out now!"

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Why premium challenges?

A question I was often asked by my students while teaching at General Assembly was:

"Where can I go to keep practicing and improving my coding skills?"

As professionals, we take designs from a designer and implement them in code. So, we've created Frontend Mentor to help you practice doing exactly that.

Our premium challenges take this workflow to whole new level. They aim to offer the most realistic experience possible. This helps build your skills, portfolio, and most importantly, your confidence as a developer.

I hope you enjoy them!

- Matt Studdert

Inside our Premium Challenges

  • Screenshots of 3-page website

    Professional designs for multi-page websites

    Build fully-functional, multi-page websites and learn how to write scalable, maintainable code. By the end of each challenge, you'll have a beautiful new addition to your web development portfolio.

  • Laptop with Sketch design file on the screen

    Use the original Sketch design file

    Use the original design files and work like a professional developer. See exactly what styles need to be applied to get your solution close to the design.

  • Laptop, tablet, and mobile phone mockups with the same website on the screen

    Mobile, tablet, and desktop layout designs

    Practice building fully-responsive websites by working to mobile, tablet, and desktop designs. No need to guess how your project should look at different breakpoints.

  • Preview of a design system

    Professional design system

    Our premium challenges come with a simple, professional design system to help you plan out your styles. See common styles and patterns all in one neatly presented document.

"The projects are an amazing way to get started for growing devs and challenging enough for mid-levels as well. Plus, I did manage to score an interview BECAUSE of those projects!"

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What's the difference?

Optimized assets
JPEG design files
Mobile & desktop designs included
Tablet design included
Fully-functional, multi-page websites
Sketch design file included
Professional design system

Interested in our premium challenges?

Each one is available as a one-off purchase. Prices vary based on complexity, so you'll find the price on the individual challenge pages.

Latest Premium Challenges

    • HTML
    • CSS
    • JS

    Scoot multi-page website

    This multi-page website will really test your front-end skills. There are 4 pages to build with mobile, tablet, and desktop designs included.

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    • HTML
    • CSS
    • JS

    Dine restaurant website

    This two-page website is perfect if you're starting to become more confident in your front-end skills. The challenge includes tricky design details and form validation.

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    • HTML
    • CSS
    • JS

    Minimalist portfolio website

    This multi-page portfolio site will be a great challenge to test your all-round front-end skills. You can even use the site as your own portfolio when you're finished!

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"The premium challenges allow me to test my skills by building more complex websites. I strongly recommend using Frontend Mentor challenges to build your portfolio."

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