Loris Bettazza

Ticino, Switzerland

Hi, I'm a Front-end Web Developer, I love coding, video games and cats. Nice to meet you πŸ‘‹

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  • Loris Bettazza has commented on Aaron Gonzalez's "Pod request access landing page" solution


    Good work so far, a few improvements I would make:

    • No focus style for the text input and submit button, consider adding some or leave the default outline so keyboard users have an easier time knowing where they are focused :)
    • When clicking the submit button with an invalid input, an error appears, but it shouldn't continue creating new error messages when I try to submit multiple times. Consider making a single element for the error and just show / hide it when necessary.
    • Impossible to scroll the page and see all the content when the browser window is small vertically.
  • Loris Bettazza has commented on AndyBeable's "Loop studios landing page" solution


    Hey Andy,

    Hover underlines on links in main nav and footer. 
    I did manage to get this working,
    but for some reason the line would only show up in one place, not under each link. 
    So i've removed for now.

    Sounds like you positioned the lines with position: absolute; but the links didn't have position: relative;? So they were all relative to some other common parent element. If that's the case you should add position: relative; to your links.

    Would like to add some hover states to the creations tiles, 
    but again couldn't figure it out.

    I did it using ::before and ::after, one was for a black gradient to improve readability of the white text, the other is a white overlay that shows up on hover/focus. I did this with the position: relative; in the parent and position: absolute; in the pseudo element.

    The 'See all' cta, on desktop,
    I wanted to move it to the top right of the section as per the design,
    but could only seem to do that using absolute positioning and 
    then that caused issues when the screen-size changed.

    I used grid and the order property for this, I agree using position: absolute; can sometimes get messy.

    Good work overall, I like the animations on scroll. (Too bad they mess up the screenshot πŸ˜…)

    Check out my solution if you want to see how I did the things you asked about.