Adeola Bamigboye

Berlin, Germany

I'm a mysterious individual who has yet to fill out my bio. One thing's for certain: I love writing front-end code!

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  • Adeola Bamigboye has commented on John Ayanyemi's "3-column preview card component using CSS Flexbox" solution


    Good Job John, Clean design and really awesome effort.

    About your question about Media Queries, what i would do is to start by wrapping my boxes in a container div(you can also use your main too like you did ). My next step would be designing at about 315px (Mobile-first), then add breakpoints at about 481px for tablets and 769px for desktops(and display the container div as flex at this point). So, instead on using max-width with your media-query, you are going to use the min-width property.

    Overall, it's a very awesome design.

    Welcome to the frontend community bossman.

  • Adeola Bamigboye has commented on THB-02's "Intro component with sign up form" solution


    Hello THB-02,

    Your design looks super good and clean. I just want to point you to the email section of the form. I think it'll be really cool if you can add another statement that decides if the mail is valid or not and a statement to check if it is empty just like the others. Your email section ticks okay even if i type '[email protected]' without the '.com' and i believe it should read 'Looks like this is not an email' instead.

    you can add a statement to check if the mail section is empty, another one to check if it's invalid.

    something like:


    } else if (!isEmail(emailValue)){

    } else{


    I believe that's just the minor change, other than that, you're on point.