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I'm a mysterious individual who has yet to fill out my bio. One thing's for certain: I love writing front-end code!

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  • RE: maxcramer's "Clipboard-Landing-Page" solution


    You did a great job! The site looks good and is properly responsive. Some tips I can give:

    About the markup: I would highly advice to use the button tag instead of divs. It's more semantic and needed for accessibility. I noticed the footers links are not actually anchor tags/links, the styling is great but as a practice for the real world: these should be clickable (a tag) and wrapped in a nav tag to convey they are a navigation. Same with the social images. You can also check the report frontend mentor gives you with many tips.

    Other than that, to improve the organization of the css for other projects, you can check out BEM: http://getbem.com/introduction/, allows for more clear naming conventions and gives other recommendations.

    Keep it up 🎉

  • RE: Flora Calvo's "Four Card Feature Section HTML+CSS (w/flexbox)" solution


    Great work! Looks great on all screens, good use of flexbox and organization.

    Some semantic advice I can give: Use one h2 tag and separate them using spans, instead of having two h2 one after the other. Also, the text below that main heading could be a p tag.

    Keep it up! 💪

  • RE: swethalakshmi22's "HTML, CSS, Mobile Responsive, Media Queries" solution


    Good job there! And yes, there's MANY ways to achieve the same output. For example: some people might use flexbox or css grid or none at all and get to the same result. So it all depends! IMO the best code is the one that you can understand when you see it later on (:

    A couple of tips I can give you: practice using a fixed with and a max-width: 100% to build more responsive websites. I see that you used 50% as the width for the container, that works on medium screens but on huge ones is too big and on smaller ones is too small and it breaks the other parts. The other one would be to use flexbox to center it on the page instead of setting the margins manually.

    Keep it up, its all about practice!