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  • RE: Solomon Ekrebe's "Rock, Paper, Scissors using React, CSS3" solution


    I appreciate your feedback @mattstuddert.

    As a beginner, working with React was quite tough, but exciting nonetheless.

    • I didn't know assigning e.currentTarget.id to userChoice.name will directly mutate the userChoice object in state, because I started off by cloning userChoice and houseChoice like so:
    handlePick = (e) => {
        const userChoice = {...this.state.userChoice};
        const houseChoice = {...this.state.houseChoice};
        // Other code lines go here

    Do I have to clone/setState for each key : value pair in this instance?

    I've started learning about hooks, and definitely will apply them once I get the hang of it.

    • On the identical components, I'll refactor my code as you suggested. I just noticed the same repetitive pattern in my Starter component too. I'll fix them.
  • RE: faheem102's "fylo landing page" solution


    Hey @faheem102,

    Great work on this challenge. To change the logo colour, one way is to load it directly as svg element instead of using img tag. Then change the fill color of the svg to white inside the svg style definition.