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A self-taught programmer who do competitive programming before using python, but now, focusing on frontend and studying backend to become a full stack web developer. I started way back December 2020 and will always study at this point

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  • Raymart Pamplona has commented on Luiggy Macias's "CSS GRID, FLEXBOX, media queries, responsive web design" solution


    Hey, good work on this one. The layout in desktop is good and the mobile state as well. Though there are couple of suggestions

    1. Font. I think you are rendering the wrong font in here, since the original uses a sans-serif type and you are using a serif type.

    2. Horizontal scrollbar. When resizing, a horizontal scrollbar appears at the bottom which we do not want. It was caused by the declaration of width: 80.5% in your header section selector. Try to remove that and it will remove the scrollbar. Though when you use that, you need to adjust as well the sizing of the image inside it.

    Regarding your query. Well the left pattern will not stay in place, because the container which is currently contained, have a scaling sizes. Meaning the container will resize so is the left background pattern. But if you made the container have a fixed size, then the pattern will stay in place.

    If you need help, just ask here okay and you work is good as well^

  • Raymart Pamplona has commented on Jay's "url-shortening-api-master" solution


    Hey, just here to say that your solutions is really awesome!

    That corner image animation is really clever and those custom hover state in the circles is really good.

    The api works well and that shaking while loading, really awesome. Layout resizes good when going in mobile state and this solution is definitely a good good one^^

  • Raymart Pamplona has commented on Tech Hacks and Tricks's "Profile Card Challenge Using HTML and SCSS" solution


    Hey, great work on this one.

    Layout looks good in desktop and in mobile state as well.

    Though when opening up dev tools, your layout gets squished in the middle, and I suspected, height: 100vh is declared in your bg selector.

    Instead of that, use min-height: 100vh which will be a lot better. But still, your layout won't work because you absolute the card selector which I think not the right choice in here. You want it to be captured by the parent, so making it static or relative is the betters ones.

    So in your card selector. Remove this properties

        position: absolute;
        left and top

    And in your bg selector. You want to add something like

        align-items: center;
        display: flex;
        justify-content: center;
        padding: add a padding to the top and bottom;

    This will make your content properly aligned in the center while making element in the flow which is a lot better.

    If you need help regarding those suggestion, just drop it here okay and i'll help you with it^

  • Raymart Pamplona has commented on Alex Daniel's "Job listings with filtering created using React, Redux and Sass" solution


    Hey, your solution looks good and it functions very well.

    Resizes well when going in mobile state which is good, one thing to suggest is that. Maybe change the background-color of the filter items, because right now, it is the same with the overall background-color and that box-shadow is the only thing that is separating it.

    Changing that to white like the original will be awesome, so that it will be contrasted well and pop out a bit more.

    But still, your work is really awesome^^

  • Raymart Pamplona has commented on ANIKET PITHADIA's "Pure HTML CSS" solution


    Hey, great work on this one. The illustration looks awesome.

    Though many issue when a user starts to resize the browser.

    • Text is getting hidden via the viewport's width
    • Illustrations if getting pushed to the left which is also getting hidden.
    • There are two scrollbars at the mobile view, which is not really good.

    Also, I saw that you declared height: 100vh in your container selector. Well this works, but opening up dev tools, your layout gets cut out. So it will be awesome if you could remove that. Using min-height: 100vh I think will be the right declaration in here.

    Fixing those mentioned above will be awesome, and while you're it, clearing some issues will be really good ^