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Santiago, Chile

I'm a mysterious individual who has yet to fill out my bio. One thing's for certain: I love writing front-end code!

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    "Kinda" Responsive GitHub-user-search-app using HTML, CSS, JS, &React

    Jose Truyol50 | Posted 9 days agocommented on Henry Zheng's "GitHub user search app" solution

    Hi @LonelyBuddy

    Awesome solution! I have some comments:

    • To improve the accessibility of your solution add the attribute aria-hidden="true" to decorative images like the user's profile picture and the svg icons
    • Try to use Semantic HTML. Your code should include at least a main element

    After you make those changes don't forget to push your changes to GitHub and generate the accessibility report one more time.

    I really like how it looks! Pixel-perfect solution!


    Just one more note:

    • Practice the separation of concerns on your code. The presentation layer (the react components) should don't know about the business logic (how you fetch the API). You can try something like Callbacks hooks in react (to begin with something) or Redux (recommended approach)