Blood Donation Landing Page

Image of Rodrigo Borges' Crowdfunding Campaign design


Your challenge is to build out this landing page for blood donors from the design provided in the starter code.

Download the starter code and go through the README. This will provide further details, including colour palette and typeface.

Structure your code as cleanly as possible, using only raw HTML and CSS.

If you decide to push the project live, tweet @frontendmentor once you're finished with your URL in the tweet. I'd love to take a look at what you've built!

There is no mobile design, so don't worry about writing media queries, although feel free to make it responsive as a bonus challenge.


  • Use the README for colours, fonts etc
  • Build the project to look as close to the design as possible


  • Try using Git and Github for version control to emulate a real-life workflow
  • When finished, feel free to push your project live on Github Pages so that others can see it

What you need

  • Design file (included in the starter code)
  • Starter code (download below)

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