3-column preview card component with Tailwind CSS

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Christoph’s questions for the community

Try to learn Tailwind CSS with some Challenges her. Would appreciate feedback.

Thanks in advance

Community Feedback



1- Article tag represents a self-contained and independent piece of content which is deos not appy to where you've used it but it would though if you made each of the card into articles.

2- You should put max-width on the top level container because it gets to large on big screen, check out how it look on 2000 px screen.

3- Just tip, it's much more beneficial to your learning process if you get good grasp on the css and then move on to learning frameworks.

Keep coding :=)

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Christoph 50



Hello @MojtabaMosavi , thanks for the feedback :)


Give some feedback to @TheChrisP about their solution...

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