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Ludivine A’s questions for the community

Feel free to tell me what I could improve !

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LiBee 40



Really close to the design file. Very good!

I think you need to check your font-family for the "Creation of Jules Wyvern" and make the numbers slightly smaller - but those are all little points. Also make the border around your avatar a bit thinner it is hiding the picture of the person.

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Hey @Lachouri

Good job on completing this challenge. You've done a really nice job on it and it looks very similar to the original design and all the hover effects work as expected.

Just a few suggestions based on your final solution:

  • Reduce and soften the card's shadow; it's a bit too much

  • Tweak the grey border. Make it more subtle

  • Try to use fixed widths / heights sparingly and instead focus on building layouts that adapt to the content available

  • Apply the basic font size for the entire page using the body or html selector

  • You can use min-height: 100vh on the body element. It's a better practice

Hope this helps. Keep up the good work!

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