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Teano Goss’s questions for the community

Not too sure how to get some extra space at the bottom of the Summary sheet container. I tried to set a margin-bottom on the main container but that didn't work.

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Great work Teano Goss, Well done for your progress so far. This is to attempt to address your question. I took a look at your code and it seems you set a margin to the main container using this rule:

.ordercontainer { margin: 0em 31.0625em 0em 30.8em; }

The shorthand property works starting from the top(0em) - right(31.0625em) - bottom(0) - left(30.8em). All you need to do to get some extra space at the bottom of the container is to update the margin-bottom which is set 0 according to your rule to any other value and that should work(worked at my end).


Give some feedback to @tcaturani-goss about their solution...

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