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Jakub 20


Desktop design screenshot for the Stats preview card component coding challenge

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Jakub’s questions for the community

Could you please share any feedback about my index.html readability/accessibility? This was my first Sass project so I would be grateful for any advice in terms of Sass usage - what should be change there if it comes to the structure etc. In this project I have also used blending mode and webkit-filter in the image section - I was trying to be as close to the original as much.

I have some doubts in terms of mobile version (setting up the breakpoints) so if you have any comments/thoughts here, that would be great.

Thanks in advance for any help. Cheers! :)

Community Feedback

saira 50



Hey jacob,your solution looks better than mine. Accessibility issue in yours is of section tags.Since you are using section,you are also expected to give headings( <h2> <h3> etc) Since in this case,we dont have headings ,i suggest avoid using section here.I am also new to accessibility issues.Feel free to correct me if am wrong


Give some feedback to @jacobharraldson about their solution...

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