Design preview for Huddle landing page with a single introductory section coding challenge
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  • CSS

Huddle landing page with a single introductory section


Assets Provided Include

  • Sketch and Figma design file access - Unlock access with pro
  • JPEG design files for mobile & desktop layouts
  • Style guide for fonts, colors, etc
  • Optimized image assets
  • README file to help you get started
  • HTML file with pre-written content



Your challenge is to build out this landing page from the designs provided in the starter code.

You can use any tools you like to help you complete the challenge. So if you've got something you'd like to practice, feel free to give it a go.

Your users should be able to:

  • View the optimal layout for the page depending on their device's screen size
  • See hover states for all interactive elements on the page

Download the starter code and go through the README.md file. This will provide further details about the project. The style-guide.md file is where you'll find colors, fonts, etc.

Want some support on the challenge? Join our Slack community and ask questions in the help channel.

Getting started

  1. Download the starter code

  2. Set up the project with version control (e.g. Git)

  3. Read the README.md file and have a look around the project

  4. Get colors, fonts etc from the style-guide.md file

  5. Set up your project/file architecture however you want

  6. Start coding!

Ideas to test yourself

  • Write your styles using a pre-processor, such as Sass, Less or Stylus

  • Try using Flexbox and Grid for layout

  • Practice working in a team by building with friends


If you're employed as a developer, your employer should be happy to pay for your subscription as part of your training budget. Be sure to ask them first. If they're happy to do so, complete the checkout and then send an email to [email protected] with the name and address of the company and we'll update the invoice.

We don't provide "official" solutions for the challenges. This is because there is no single perfect way to complete a challenge. Instead, you're encouraged to review other people's code in the community. You can learn so much by seeing how other people have approached the same challenges.

If you would like to receive feedback please be sure to post a question when you submit your solution. The more specific you can be the better. This will give others in the community an idea of the help you're seeking.

Of course! Frontend Mentor was created to make professionally designed projects more accessible to the development community. Please feel free to use anything you build in your portfolio.

Definitely! We provide easy account management through the Settings page. Click on the Billing tab and you'll be able to manage your subscription without a problem.

We offer a "fair use" refund policy within 14-days of starting your subscription. Fair use means that if you download one or two premium assets (designs, premium challenges) and decide it's not for you, we're happy to process a refund. After all, we want you to be satisfied with your purchase! But if you've downloaded three or more premium assets and then requested a refund, we reserve the right to say no. To request a refund, email [email protected] within 14-days of starting your subscription.

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