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  • RE: Sahas saurav's "react tailwind css countries rest api" solution


    Hi the solution looks great and it's responsive here are a few things that you might wanna look into :

    • The loading takes unusually, I really don't know why this is but the api isn't that slow in sending data.

    • Search work properly only when the region is set to all regions.

    • Borders on the details page get messed up sometimes, where i can't even view countries that do have borders.

    • Dark mode doesn't work for me even though i can see the buttons.

    I did this same challenge a while back maybe it might help you, here is the link.

    Hope this helps.

  • RE: Jess's "Single Price Grid Component" solution


    Hi, I can't really see your code maybe you entered the wrong link there but what you could do is put the whole section into a <div> and give it a class .container then specify the width of the container using CSS i.e. width: 800px or whatever value you wanna give it then use position : absolute to centre the element also you can use flexbox to centre the elements.

  • RE: temitope's "REST Countries API with theme switcher" solution


    Hi, the solution looks great and i love the theme switcher especially, here is a few things you can tweak:

    • The region filter doesn't let me switch back to viewing all countries, maybe add an option for that.

    • If i click on the border for a given country then their is no way for me to see go back an see all countries since it only shows me the country that i clicked on.

    • When clicking on the borders the page should automatically show me it's details.

    • When i click on a random country in the beginning and start scrolling on the details page i can see the main page scrolling for some reason.

    These are the things that i noticed while looking at the site, I did this same solution a while back you can checkout my solution here.

    Hope this helps.

  • RE: Mohamed Abusrea's "REST Countries API using React" solution


    Hey, good job on the project here are a few things maybe you could fix:

    • The borders on the details page are supposed to take you to that page, basically they are supposed to be links.

    • Okay there are way to many html and accessibility issues maybe fix those.

    I did the same project using react, you can check it out here.

    Hope this helps.

  • RE: ADEKOYEJO Adeola's "countrt theme switcher using flex, grid and reactjs" solution


    Hi, functionality wise the site works but their are a few problems :

    • The filtering using filter region doesn't work you actually need to make a new call to the api to filter by region.

    • On the details page you cannot see the surrounding borders for a country .

    • Plus you have a lot of html and accessibility issues.

    But i know this isn't an easy challenge so overall good job. Here is my solution for the same.