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Elliot Case's questions for the community

Hello guys!😁

I recently purchesed the PRO membership over the holidays and this is the first project I decided to complete, I wanted a project that would push my skill set and I definitely found that here. Overall, I really enjoyed this project as it was the first time I have created a multi page design including responsiveness 🤗

I expected that this project would take around a weeks less time than it actually did. I found myself constantly finding small things that I wanted to improve upon thus extending my time on this project.🙁 Looking at the project now there are still a few extras that I am missing such as adding animations or the background pattens on every asset.

I tried to use BEM for the first time for this project however, I think a few times I deviated from this naming convention

Any feedback would be great!😊 For my next project I will force myself to use Sass as its something I have been putting off for far too long!

Happy Coding 💻

PS I highly recommend becoming a PRO member if you can afford it, using the Figma files really made this whole experience very realistic 🎉

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