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purplejragon’s questions for the community

How do you center the text next to the logos? I added some padding to the top to fake it, but I want to know how to actually center the text vertically. vertical-align: middle; and vertical-align: center; don't seem to work.

Community Feedback

Benja.min 310




I would go for a display flex approach, rather than floats.

  • Remove the padding-top from .logo
  • Add to .logo, .eth and .time: display: flex; align-items: center;

This should centre them up nicely.

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tomas 100



Hi, great job on this site!

You can center the text next to the logo using the flexbox: .avatar-text {display: flex; align-items: center} align-items

Otherwise, I recommend trying the following for the background image: Create a parent <button> that will have position: relative. Then create a pseudo-element :: before for this button, which will have content: url ("picture") position: absolute, opacity: 0 and center it with display: flex (picture view) . Then add only <img> to <button>. Then you do button:hover::before and add opacity: 1. I hope my advice helped.

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Give some feedback to @purplejragon about their solution...

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