Landing page using flex box

kyUu6i 160


Desktop design screenshot for the Sunnyside agency landing page coding challenge

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kyUu6i’s questions for the community

css flex box. Feel free to give feedback.

Community Feedback

darryncodes 5,170



Hi KyUu

I really appreciate your solution, the responsive design is on point!

A few minor observations:

  • i noticed the cherry and orange images are a column with white gaps either side on smaller devices, if you remove align-items: center; on .box3 that will fix it
  • cursor: pointer; to your learn more buttons
  • you could do the same to the nav list items too
  • it's good practice to clear down the accessibility/html report, there is a lot of useful information in the report

Hope that helps

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Give some feedback to @hmhlol about their solution...

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