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Israel Adefidipe’s questions for the community

This is my 2nd project applying DOM manipulation. I learnt how to use the intersection observer property. The mobile dropdown and desktop nav functionality is not as perfect as i want it to be yet, so I will appreciate feedback on what i could do to make my script better.

I will appreciate feedback

Community Feedback



Hello first of all, really great job !

The website is responsive and work on phone and desktop that great but i have one problem. For my part i'm on a 21/9 screen and when the website is on fullscreen images are getting weird. Take a look on that.

And for the background of the header, i think you done a background linear top to bottom or something like that but try a left to right.

I'm french so sorry for my enflish.

Keep working on you code ! ;)




@YannisHaismann Thanks, I will work on that.


Give some feedback to @iadefidipe about their solution...

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