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Desktop design screenshot for the NFT preview card component coding challenge

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Christian Lam’s questions for the community

How to optimise HTML Structure/CSS? ie. Unnecessary divs, better grouping of elements

Are there better methods to create an overlay animation over an image?

How to reduce repeating styling in CSS, and in-line styling in the HTML?

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Hi Christian, nice work. You forgot your alt attribute on your img tag, it's important for accessibility and SEO. I saw you use a div to make your overlay. It's perfectly good. But most will use the pseudo element ::before to make that kind of effect.

For the structure I would suggest you to learn BEM methodology. Super easy to learn and it will help you to structure your class. Also, read about HTML 5. You could make your HTML structure more accessible with tag like <footer> instead of using a div with a class footer.

Hope it helps. Keep up !

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@Eric-Ferole Thanks for the advice!


darryncodes 5,170



Hi Christian,

Really decent solution, nice work with this one!

I'd recommend reviewing your accessibility and html report it's a good habit to get into:

Overall though a really good design aesthetically!

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Give some feedback to @ui-Auxilary about their solution...

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