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Profile card component

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drallas's questions for the community

This is my 3rd newbie challenge submit and I enjoyed the process of hacking this card component together. Building such a 'simple' card component isn't easy for a 'Newbie' and it requires some time to think over before trying to do it properly.

Feedback would be welcome How is the responsive experience; what can / should I improve (*see Note)? I try to use BEM but still have doubt if i used it correctly Anything else that I missed or should improve.

Note: Related to BEM I recommend this video: it's quite good and explains it in visual detail.

Where I struggle is how should elements be named when there are multiple levels of nesting.

<div class="card__mid">
          <div class="card__text">
            <div class="card__name">Victor Crest <span> 26</span></div>
            <div class="card__location">London</div>
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