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Desktop design screenshot for the Typemaster pre-launch landing page coding challenge
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Typemaster pre-launch landing page

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Rayane's questions for the community

Hello everyone ! πŸ™‚

Very cool challenge ! I love the work from the designer on this one !

I learned a few things such as using the <picture> tag to adjust images and the mix-blend-mode property to get the "orange" effect on one of the images. Also, I've used the new and recommended way of doing import with SASS with @use instead of @import which behave really differently because it's not a global scope anymore.

I would like to have any feedback on the project and especially on how I structured my SCSS files. I divided them by (abstracts | components | layout). But at the end, I didn't really used the components folder, thus , I could have simplified the layout folder.

Have a nice day β˜€οΈ

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