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I've been working with frontend development for quite some time now(2 years), using javascript(react mostly and a little bit of Vuejs). I enjoy teaching frontend as much as I love coding it. I'm currently raising the stakes to become a full stack developer, I'm using ASP.NET with C# to do so.

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  • RE: Shubham Sharma's "Huddle Landing Page with Sass" solution


    Hi Shubham!, Great work on this project! just a few suggestions

    • I noticed the design breaks a bit when it gets to 914px I would suggest the media query break point to be before then.

    • I see within your code you use the header tag to wrap your whole content. Probably just a preference thing, but I usually use the header tags for menu-like content like nav bars, and logos. Then I would use either the main tag or a section tag for regular content.

    • The last thing I noticed is that there is a script tag at the top, inside the head tag. It's best practice to place any script tags at the bottom of the page, namely right above the ending </body> tag. That way when the browser runs, it loads the content first then any JS scripts.

    Other than that, again great job! :) keep up the good work.

    P.S. Hope this makes sense

  • RE: Ornella T's "huddle landing page using flexbox" solution


    Awesome job! like @emmy-html said, your solution is very close to the design. So again, awesome job on that. I noticed that you have a few accessibility issues, which I see are an easy fix. It's basically saying for best practices when working with links <a></a> tags, if the link is not actually going anywhere like to navigate to a different page it can look like this <a>my link</a>. Or, if you are navigating to a different page then, using the href attribute like you did before is the way to go. Nonetheless, great work!

    P.S. hope that made sense :)

  • RE: Glory Praise's "Single price grid component using HTML,CSS, and CSS flexbox" solution


    Hey Glory, nice work on this challenge! I did noticed on min-width 501px the bottom boxes overlap. I’m curious if you tried using the mobile first approach. I believe it would be a much easier for you, starting off on a smaller screen and working your way to bigger screen. So for instance,

    1. On smaller screen you could add a flex-direction: column on the .sub so that they’re stacked on top of each other.
    2. Then, maybe you could add a min-width: 774px media query and change the direction of .sub by using flex-direction: row

    I hope that makes sense, nonetheless you did a great job. keep up the good work! and let me know if you need help with anything.