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I'm a mysterious individual who has yet to fill out my bio. One thing's for certain: I love writing front-end code!

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  • Arafat Arnob has commented on Oleh Tovkaniuk's "JS, SCSS, CSS variables, Sortable.js" solution


    Hey Oleh Tovkaniuk, your solution seems nearly perfect to me! Drag & Drop animations are really great.

    As for js, form validation can be pretty useful. Like not accepting empty To-Dos. Otherwise everything is pretty awesome.

    Wish me good luck with sortablejs haha. Happy coding man < 3

  • Arafat Arnob has commented on Enyak Stew's "Slightly different UI, implemented using vanilla JS." solution


    Hey @Enyak Stew, I see it's your first app built from scratch. That's really awesome man. Great work!

    Though you didn't request any feedback, you can do form validation. Like, don't add empty To-Dos. Also, try to add the background color to the entire app. These things will really make your code professional.

    The animation was cool. All the best for your next projects. Happy Coding! < 3

  • Arafat Arnob has commented on Seymur's "Responsive To Do List available in both light and dark modes" solution


    Hey Seymur, your solution looks really great.

    For further improvement, you can add scrolling feature to handle long list of To-dos. Also, I see the input field goes out of screen when the width is too small (like galaxy fold devices).

    I don't know if external link sharing is supported or not. You can simply search drag and drop and get good tutorials on this from YouTube.

    The design was cool. All the best for your future projects. Happy Coding < 3