Dominic Klaic

South Africa

I'm a mysterious individual who has yet to fill out my bio. One thing's for certain: I love writing front-end code!

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  • Desktop design screenshot for the FAQ accordion card coding challenge
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    • JS

    Flexbooks, Animations & JS

    Dominic Klaic20Submitted

    Decided to give my hand a try at using Flexbox, and since I'm rather new to JS, I did the accordion animations with JS.

    Still learning about making sites more fluid and responsive.

    Any tips or suggestions are welcome!

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  • Desktop design screenshot for the Profile card component coding challenge
    • HTML
    • CSS


    Dominic Klaic20Submitted

    I attempted to complete this project using flexbox since this is something I've just started learning. I did struggle to get the background images to resize with the browser, however, I used a media query for the mobile size.

    Criticism and tips are welcome.

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    The project looks good! Does seem slightly bigger than the brief, but I see you mentioned that you aren't sure why that is.

    The only thing I can pick out is to open each accordion, I can click anywhere in the title of the question (except the arrow) and to close it's the opposite. I need to click on the arrow to able to close the question.