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I'm a mysterious individual who has yet to fill out my bio. One thing's for certain: I love writing front-end code!

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  • RE: Gabriel Martínez's "Four card feature section using CSS Grid, Media Quieries and variables" solution


    Great site! I used CSS grid for the first time on this too. Where you have 3 columns with fixed pixels you could instead use 1fr (1 fraction). Repeating this three times would give each element a third of the screen.

    You can also use auto on the rows and it'll fit content. These options allow you to be more responsive over fixed widths.

    You can also define grid areas using grid-tempate-area which is worth looking into. I really like that feature. It's easier to write 'content' or 'hdr' etc. than column 2/5 and row 1/3 to define an area.

    I'm new to CSS Grid and CSS in general, but I found these useful. I hope they help you. I found this video useful: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=7kVeCqQCxlk because he also has a codepen. He uses grid-template-area.

    Also, Google Scrimba CSS Grid.

  • RE: Neeka Poklitar's "Mobile-first with CSS Grid" solution


    It was good reading your CSS code. When I did this challenge (first one I've done) I used CSS grid too, but for desktop, tablet and mobile. In hindsight, I think I'd have used Flexbox (which I've use on the last two sites) for mobile and tablet then the grid for desktop. It was my first time doing a site and using CSS grid so I wanted to practice. Your code was interesting to read as it was different to mine. I used grid-template-areas instead of selecting column and rows lines. It's nice to see other ways to implementing it. Thanks for sharing.

  • RE: Anthony Passler's "clipboard-landing-page-master" solution


    Page looks great! That very minor HTML issue that has popped up is because you have a section without a heading. I checked the code and you used several times. In most cases you'd be better off with a div, especially if there isn't a heading as it'll flag up.

    It's just one of those things... you'd think it shouldn't really matter, which it shouldn't. I'd argue that logo area is a section, but a HTML checker will want it as a div. Semantics!

  • RE: Frederik Kempe's "Grid" solution


    Hi Frederick, site looks good. I tried to check the code to see what the errors are (2 accessibility and 4 HTML) but the code seems to be for a different design.

    It looks like the errors are saying you have used the same ID more than once. You cannot use the same ID more than once. IDs are individual, therefore if you are going to use it more than once you should create a class. Here is a good link: https://css-tricks.com/the-difference-between-id-and-class/

    Only thing U can see visually which you could improve is using font weight 200 for the heading 'Reliable, efficient delivery', as the current font-weight is too heavy.

    If you want to learn more about CSS Grid I recommend this video and code to go with it:

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7kVeCqQCxlk https://codepen.io/mor10/pen/NjeqyX/

    Also, check out this short and free course. It has some useful tips: https://scrimba.com/playlist/pWqLHa

    Good job!