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I'm a mysterious individual who has yet to fill out my bio. One thing's for certain: I love writing front-end code!

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    Article component

    Vincent Frank345 | Posted 5 months agocommented on Louis Terryn's "Article preview component" solution

    Hi Louis, very nice work! 👌👏

    In your code, you use px for size. I would maybe use some relative measure like rem or em. Also, I would fill in alt attributes for accessibility as the report suggests.

    Anyway, I really like your solution. Keep it up! 🙌

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    Amazing Grid

    Vincent Frank345 | Posted 5 months agocommented on Chetan's "Single price grid component" solution

    Hi Chetan! very nice solution! 👏

    I would maybe consider adding media query on about 375px and reorder the columns.

    Anyway, good job!

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    Testimonial Grid using CSS Grid & Flexbox

    Vincent Frank345 | Posted 5 months agocommented on Chris-Ann C.'s "Testimonials grid section" solution

    Hi Chris-Ann C. ! Nice work 👏

    To centre all content to the centre of a page a would set display:flex to the body and then add justify-content: centre and align-items: centre. In order to work, you would also need to set the property height on the body element. For instance height:100vh. Also, I would maybe set max-width proepty to .wrapper in order not to fill all space in wide screens.

    Anyway, nice job! Keep improving 🙌