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I'm a mysterious individual who has yet to fill out my bio. One thing's for certain: I love writing front-end code!

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  • RE: Fredrick Neo's "Mobile First Approach & Responsive - Social Proof Section" solution


    Hey, looks amazing and its responsive as well!

    You have a lot of issues on your report though but they're only for the images, if you want to clean up your report you might wanna add the "alt" attribute to your images and for the <a> tags i think you can solve that by adding a title attribute on them.

    Apart from that, a nice work! 😁

  • RE: Ryan B's "Social Proof Section Using Flex Sass BEM" solution


    Hey, looks great!

    Unfortunately it isn't responsive, you might want to take a look at that with media queries, the second image as background is in the center instead of being on the left and it leaves like a shadow for the second card, and for the cards i'd suggest using margin right except for the last one, what you have now with justify-content: space-between; works well on larger screens (at least it did on my tv) but on my laptop they're all pretty close to each other.

    Overall nice work! 🙌‍‍