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I'm here because i really want to be a front-end developer and even more but i know that i have to practice a lot and i'm doing that and i'm really happy about the enviroment of coding and one day can just work on this and have fun while i'm working, become my dream true...!!!

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    Hi @AidenM99,

    I think you should try to separate your HTML in a better way, for example you can use a MAIN to be able to place everything that is the project information and outside the MAIN you can locate the rest, for example in this case the images of the background and in the MAIN element you can place the rest of the main content and at the same time use it as a container to better center all the content of the project

    also do not forget to place an ALT element in your images they are necessary for a description unless you use the image as an icon that the ALT is necessary but may be empty.

    remember it's just my opinion you can adjust it to your perspective.