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Hi, my name is Sean, I'm 30 years old and live in Nottinghamshire (UK). I have around 10 years of experience as a paid marketer and have been learning web development for 2 years.

I'm currently learning...

HTML SCSS Javascript (vanilla / jquery) Node JS Web Design React Gatsby

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    Responsive landing page with html css and javascript

    Sean B240 | Posted 9 months agocommented on Mansoor Roeen's "Insure landing page" solution

    Hi Mansoor,

    The design is looking good, well done for taking on the challenge.

    One thing I can see that's different than the original design is the BG in the header.

    For this to display in front of the image all you need to do is remove the z-index: -1; on the .bg class.

    Keep up the good work! Sean