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    Pomodoro Timer | React | Redux | Styled Components | Sound Effects

    Aaron Stroud435 | Posted 8 months agocommented on Jen's "Pomodoro app" solution

    Nice job Jen. There are so many ways to solve this project. I'll be looking over your code to see how you used Redux. I think it would have solved me a lot of trouble with my solution.

    I don't recall how I styled the input arrows, but I do remember them giving me a lot of trouble. I just checked them again in Chrome/Firefox/Safari and there's still some room for improvement.

    For my sound effects, I used Garageband and Audio Hijack to record the sfx I was considering. It's tricky finding the right notes/instruments but the audio quality is excellent.

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    Pomodoro App Challenge w/extra features!

    Aaron Stroud435 | Posted 12 months agocommented on Martin's "Pomodoro app" solution

    Nice work Martin! I'm still working on my solution. Started out as a pure js solution like yours, but now I've learned enough React to reimplement it as a React app.

    What was part did you find the most difficult? I stalled out at the circular progress bar. I think I'll be using this library to implement it.