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I love creating for the web, a few months ago I separated myself from the world of design but now I am resuming with force. Without fear of success! I want to learn more from the world of HTML, CSS, Javascript, Vue, Git. I found frontendmentor and will make the most of it by solving the challenge.

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    Stats preview card component solution using SASS and CSS Grid

    Moises60 | Posted 11 days agocommented on Carlos Guzman's "Stats preview card component" solution

    Hello @Carlos Guzman, good job!, to apply the image overlay color you can do it by adding the color to a pseudo-element of the parent of the image ".content_img: before {background-color: hsl (277, 64%, 61%)}" and to the image to apply " .img {mix-blend-mode: multiply;} ". Don't forget that the pseudo-element has more properties to make it work like: content = "", position = "absolute", etc.