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    Invoice App | React, Next.js, styled-components, Formik, Framer Motion

    Mikhail Kuzmenkov40 | Posted 5 months agocommented on ApplePieGiraffe's "Invoice app" solution

    Hey, APG!

    I'm just reading here throw all the above feedback, and it's so warm and inspiring, also like overall community here. It's very valuable experience to have a touch with such folks like you, thanks for that :)

    I'm pretty new here, try out your app something, and have a small question. Is it suggested any validation on form fields content? I just tapped my keyboard randomly a lot and just three fields produce some warnings, actually number data fields (so, I typed into those fields very big numbers, my invoice had a price over 10e+40 though...), and also e-mail field. Also my colleague told me a story, when he while testing the web app sent around 2Gb strings in authorization forms :D So, is it suggested such kinds of validation mechanisms to apply into Frontend Mentor challenges, or is it an overhead for this type of tasks and not suggested here?

    Happy coding :)

    Edit: here are some pictures with artifacts of such an irresponsible input :D https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1DWqMXkqhrISK1GLCX2N2tE8rEul9wNcC?usp=sharing