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    Guliye290 | Posted 4 months agocommented on Peter Ugochukwu Uche's "Easybank landing page" solution

    Hi first congratulations for completing the project and making such huge achievement. the layout of the project is nicer in destop and fit very well.

    but at the bottom(footer) where you placed the logo. the logo is not visible because of dark background.

    you can change the logo into white color in 2 ways.: 1. by using css filter property 2. open the logo.svg in the text-editor and change the 'fill' attribute to this color #ffffff

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    Responsive landing page using HTML and CSS

    Guliye290 | Posted 7 months agocommented on Deborah Trota's "Huddle landing page with a single introductory section" solution

    Hi Congratulation for trying and building the site. Your site is not responsive. For layout make use of either of Css grid and Css flexbox. Set the image to be "max-width: 100%" height to be 100% or auto. Either works. This ensures the image to be perfectly inside its parent element. It also makes responsive. Learn responsive design