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  • RE: prisnak's "Solution using CSS and HTML" solution


    Nice work on this challenge and congrats on submitting your first solution! Here are a couple of pointers after taking a look at your code:

    • Avoid using IDs as CSS selectors. They have high specificity and can't be reused on the page, so they're not good for the purpose of styling. Instead, I'd recommend sticking to class, attribute, pseudo, and type selectors. Using these will help keep your CSS more maintainable.
    • The responsive side of your project could do with a review. From 376px up to small desktop size, the layout doesn't fit the screen creating a horizontal scrollbar. Have you ever tried using min-width media queries instead of max-width? It's quite a common workflow with front-end developers to use them and work mobile-first. It can often lead to less CSS code and has the benefit of loading in fewer styles for mobile users, which can be a nice performance gain. It is also simpler than mixing both min-width and max-width, as you've done.

    I hope these pointers help. Let me know if you have any questions. Keep up the great work!

  • RE: Jacquend Barnett's "Desktop first website using HTML and CSS" solution


    Hey Jacquend, good effort on this challenge. To remove the underline on the links you can set text-decoration: none; on the anchor tags. On those footer links, you've currently got anchor tags as direct children of ul elements. Lists should only ever have li elements as children, so this needs refactoring.

    As Adarsh mentioned, I'd recommend starting with the Newbie challenges and work your way up. It will definitely help build up your skills. Keep it up!

  • RE: peaky-qp's "Single Price Grid Component - Basic HTML and CSS" solution


    It's your float declarations that are throwing off the look of your solution. If you are going to use float you'd need it on the 2nd and 3rd .card elements as opposed to the .content and footer elements.

    However, I'd recommend that you look into Flexbox and CSS Grid for laying out elements, as opposed to float. You can find some tutorials for these on the /resources page.