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I’m a web developer living in Miami. Constantly looking for challenges to improve my design and learn new tricks.

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  • RE: Tafnes Jiménez's "Using Bootstrap, HTML & CSS" solution


    Hi, good job!

    The only thing, I would fix the responsiveness of the layout between width 400px to around 1250px. I can see some problems with both the hero section and the testimonial section below (the boxes alignment and the text inside boxes).

  • RE: Olotu samson's "Fylo dark frontend mentor" solution


    Hi, I've checked your code and it's an easy fix. Your style.css file is in the root folder and not in a css folder. Therefore you should change the path to your css file in this way:

    <link rel="stylesheet" href="styles.css">

    and not

    <link rel="stylesheet" href="css/styles.css">
  • RE: Aline's "my very first challenge" solution


    Hi, the proper way to make your website responsive is setting up media queries. With media queries you can set up breakpoint and style certain elements based on the size of the screen (breakpoint).

    What I usually do is opening Chrome developer tools and check how the design of the page reacts when I shrink the page width. When I see that the design starts to be off, I write down the breakpoint and I write a media query to fix those elements of the page which don't behave appropriately for that screen size.

    In your code, if you want to make the website more responsive, you can try to write other media queries for different breakpoints.