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Front End Developer and perpetual student. I love UI Development. Simple as that!

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  • RE: Steven's "Fylo dark theme using flex and grid" solution


    Valid HTML. Valid and modern CSS. Fast loading. Looks great. Fantastic job, Steven!

    If you're looking for any way to improve your codebase, here's a thought (in case you hadn't already considered it as an option):

    You could download only the SVG's you need from the free version of the font awesome library. Then, you could just use them inline (as opposed to using the CDN). It's not as convenient, but it would be 4 less HTTP requests. In your case, it's not completely necessary, though. Your Lighthouse performance score is 99, which is stellar.

    I think you did a fantastic job.

  • RE: Alfonso Suarez G.'s "Four card feature section (using only floats properties for layout)" solution


    Nice job on this project. I agree with Mohamed's comments about using floats. There are more effective ways to lay this out, primarily CSS Grid. Flexbox is another option. You can avoid the clearfix hack by using grid. And, it's much easier to maintain once you learn the syntax.

    The HTML looks good to me. The W3C validator isn't returning any errors. My only recommendation would be to have a closer look at the <h1> tag.

          Reliable, efficient delivery<br>
          <strong>Powered by Technology</strong>

    I think you can make a good case for coding this like you did. When I read the two lines out loud, it makes sense that they go together and could be combined into a single <h1> element like you have them.

    When I look at the design, I wonder if the intent is for them to be separate thoughts. Based on the differences in capitalization, it could be argued that the phrase Reliable, efficient, delivery is one thought, and Powered by Technology is a different one—each standalone pieces of content.

    Your code is probably correct. But, this is something I would definitely ask the designer to clarify. Again, nice work on this project.

  • RE: Liny Thomas's "Single price grid component using HTML & CSS" solution


    Hey there, this looks great. It loads fast, too. I think you've done a great job here. Here's some thoughts regarding your HTML here for your consideration.

    In the following section <div id="sec1">:

    <h2>Monthly Subscription</h2>
    <h3>$29 per month</h3>
    <h3>Full access for less than $1 a day</h3>

    You have an <h2> immediately followed by two <h3>'s. While this won't return a validation error, an <h3> or any header element, should be followed by some content—like a paragraph, or list, or tabular data. So, in order to keep the HTML semantically correct, I'd recommend converting those H3's to <p>'s.

    You could also consider replacing the <div class="header"> with the HTML5 <header> element. The <main> element could be used to include your two divs, id="sec1" and id="sec2"

    So, a structure like

    <header>... all your header content </header>
      <div id="sec1">...</div>
      <div id="sec2">...</div>
      ... all your footer content

    One recommendation regarding your responsive design:

    You may consider using a width and a max width on your container element. For instance:

    .container {
      width: 100%;
      max-width: 720px;

    This will help ensure your content doesn't get cut off when resizing the browser.

    I hope this helps. Again, super job. Keep up the fantastic work.