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Desktop design screenshot for the Loopstudios landing page coding challenge
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Loopstudios landing page

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Emmilie Estabillo's questions for the community

Hi everyone, thought I'd give this fun challenge a go. I've noticed that the screenshot mirrors the project in Firefox compared to Chrome. I've had to make adjustments to keep them acceptable on both, aside from the prefixes. I also can't get myΒ .containerΒ class to be as wide as it's supposed to be. It's identical to the design files in width, but it's a few pixels off when superimposed to the design. I can live with the results though :-)

My questions are mostly related to accessibility. What is the best way to deal with the base font size? I've been using the 62.5% route, since that was the advice given to me before. I've been reading up on it recently, and it was mixed opinions. So for this project, I reverted to setting it on html as px. Should I have placed a percentage value instead? Do I put it on body or html? Or should I stick to 62.5%? Looking for the standard and more accessible option.

Also, I'm not keen on major animations but I tried some here using a library to spiff up UX. At what point/how does it negatively affect accessibility?

Thanks and looking forward to your comments!

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