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  • RE: Dave Collison's "vanilla CSS and HTML with flexbox and grid. Plus pseudo elements." solution


    Hi Dave, project looks really good! Excellent control of the design. Just a few thoughts:

    • I'd add cursor: pointer to the icons for UI. In a real app, they'd likely be used to upload something.
    • Small thing: if the viewport is shorter than the content, like in mobile landscape, the attribution link overlaps the stats div. (I know it well..I have the same problem on my project lol)

    Hope this helps!

  • RE: Juliana Oliveira Melo's "HTML, CSS (SCSS), JavaScript" solution


    Hey Juliana, great job! The 3d effect looks cool. I'd prefer it on the entire card only, without shifting the image and caption - but this is opinion. For your next project, it would be great to see more semantic HTML compared using to divs for most of the doc. Hope this helps!

  • RE: William Greer's "SASS + HTML 💤" solution


    Hey William, good job with this challenge! I'm not able to view the quotation marks on the violet div though. I think the path to the image needs another set of ../ . Also, the non-white divs are missing their box-shadows. Hope this helps!

  • RE: Rene Sauerwein's "First steps with CSS BEM and HTML5 sematic elements" solution


    Hey Rene, looks good! Site is responsive and awesome job with mobile-first. Just a few thoughts:

    • I'm not an expert, but I like to keep BEM nested at two levels only to avoid BEM fatigue lol. I also get lost in it sometimes. I then leave the other nested contents as separate classes. I'd also like to get others' opinion regarding this :-)

    • The five-stars and reviews divs could use the max-width property to control the stretch in medium screens. The appear really long before the breakpoint. The site may be ready for desktop design at around 900px or so.

    • For your box-n question, I would try to style the divs using nth-child if you didn't want to add another class for the staircase effect. (I hope I understood the question correctly)

    Hope this helps!