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Joshua Briley's questions for the community

I am continuing to use these projects to get more reps in with NuxtJS. We are using this framework at work, and it is helpful to work through these projects to get more experience with Nuxt.

My biggest challenge on this project was applying meaningful "loading state animations" of the dynamically generated content. I'm not finding much information in the Nuxt community regarding the transition element that is available in regular Vue apps. It doesn't appear to be working in Nuxt. I've accounted for this in a non-visual way by applying the aria-live="polite" attribute to the container that is created after the short url is requested.

Since animation isn't a requirement for this project, I am ok submitting it. But, I feel a a less jarring introduction of components would be a win for UX.

Regarding validation errors: There is no src attribute on the image icons in the dark blue circles because they are being lazy loaded.

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