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  • Chamunorwa Mutezva has commented on Les's "IP Address Tracker - HTML CSS JS API Maps" solution


    Nice work Les I like the additional hide button that you added , very handy expecially on small devices as the details panel would get in the way of the map. Another issue that i noticed is when i resize the browser between 640 and 850 the orientation changes such that on my laptop the top side shifts to the left. I would love to attach an image for better explanation. This is awesome . Happy coding

  • Chamunorwa Mutezva has commented on Tony's "Fylo landing page with two column layout" solution


    Great work Tony Your work is responsive on most devices - you did well Here are a few suggestions:

    • Make use of semantic elements where possible to assist with accessibility. For example instead of using a div with a class navigation-bar - a navtag can be used instead. Other elements that you can have a look at includes header, main, section etc.
    • still on the same issues , i would look into using anchor tags instead of p tags for the navigation as in a real website that will be the expectation. I would use something like this `
                    li><a href="">Features</a></li>
                   <li><a  href="" >Team</a></li>
                    <li><a  href="" >Sign in</a></li>

    One issue with an empty href=""is that it reloads the page , you can override that by editing the above to something like this <li><href="" onclick="return false">Features</a></li>

    • Only one h1 tag on a site is considered best practice - remember you can adjust font size using css .
    • the input tag is associated with a form and must have a label - i would suggest to change the parent div into a form tag.

    You can also take time to look at my solution and give feedback as well. We can support each other in that way link to project

    Happy coding

  • Chamunorwa Mutezva has commented on Joran Minjon's "Social media stats with Flexbox - 2 hour timeboxed" solution


    Hi While the idea of timing yourself is very noble, i would in my opinion try not to put a lot of pressure on myself. I have found out that sometimes i have to deviate from the any project to try and understand a principle that needs implementation. In cases like this it would be best to provide a completed solution but at the same time keep track of the amount of time that you have spent on the project, and then keep on tracking yourself in future projects. Some of the issues that i can see are:

    • tags that are in the wrong place eg the script tag , this should be inside the body(just before the closing </body> tag not outside
    • your sections do not have headings - generally it looks like everything is a div. Your html structure needs revisiting

    You have already highlighted some of the areas that needs attention, which means you have a good starting point

    Happy coding

  • Chamunorwa Mutezva has commented on pvcodes's "Four card feature section - Responsive" solution


    I would suggest to host your code on github, codepen is not suitable to submit your challenges for review as can be seen from the design comparison and the issue you stated above. That will require you to dive into integrated version control systems (git) to be able to update your code on github from your text editor. You can get started with this git tutorial

    As for this project, look into the errors raised in the report.

    Happy coding