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  • RE: Carolina Salazar's "Responsive, Display (Grid, Flex), AddEventListener, querySelector" solution


    Welldone on finishing your project. Good work. Here is a few recommendations. 1. On the desktop , the part of the image to the right on the design is hidden. You need to find a way to fix it. 2. The active part on desktop is showing a small rectangle caused by the box-shadow on this class .rigth .informationFromAuthorPost .socialMedia .box on your css on line 138. You can just remove the box-shadow in that declaration. 3. You will need one more query to take of devices like tablet, you have to scroll horizontally to see the rest of the page.

  • RE: Magdiel Dantas's "Four card feature section with html and css" solution


    Greetings. Well done on your project. Here are a few points to note 1. The desktop is good and impressive - one more push on the margins/padding will make it perfect to the design. 2. On mobile version, you are breaking early such that even at one of the test size(375) the site is not responsive. I suggest taking another look at the range of that media query so that it covers a variety of mobile devices 3.You might need another media query to cover devices in the tablet range.

  • RE: Arutla Harish Kumar's "Four Cards" solution


    Hi. The desktop version is very impressive - well done. Take another shot at the mobile and tablet version, the site is not responsive. You might need to add annother media query perhaps.

  • RE: Chamunorwa Mutezva's "REST Countries API - Html, css and js." solution


    Hi, Jome. I did the project using Html, css and Javascript. On the js side read about how to fetch data from a json or api. The main methods that I mainly used are the fetch-api and async-await.

    The rest will be manipulating the Dom to display the results.

  • RE: luigi's "Project tracking intro component" solution


    Congradulations on finishing this project. Here is what i think on areas that might need some attention. 1. The h1 tag is supposed to be the first heading in a page. Starting with h2 and then going to h1 is considered to be bad practise . Avoid using heading tags to resize text - you can accomplish that using CSS font-size. For reference see "https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/HTML/Element/Heading_Elements " 2.I propose to use anchor tags in your navigation(nav-link class) as that will be the norm in a website.

  • RE: Eric Akoten's "Web design using Flexbox and Sass" solution


    Your Sass files are the onces that are compiled to a css file, your question is not clear to me - i am sure someone will answer . Another thing , i see in your css ,some media queries are repeated several times instead of just one declaration, any reason for that? For example the following media query is repeated 9 times in the css file "@media only screen and (max-width: 600px)".

  • Solution no longer exists


    Well done. You can change your social icons(Facebook, Twitter, etc) from the current i tag to an anchor tag since you would expect them to be links in a website.

  • RE: Norbert Wronski's "Base Apparel coming soon page. Used pure css and JS" solution


    Well done on your solution. A few things that i would recommend

    1. In your css , you have used overflow: hidden on the body tag - that is preventing to vertically scroll on mobile as the whole page will not fit on the screen. I would suggest to use `overflow-x: hidden"

    2. Still on mobile , check on the margins of your text and the bottom of the page. They have to be increased to try to match the designs .

    Generally everything is in place , just one final push