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I'm a computer science student and love to learn about new technologies and passionate about computer programming and also open source development.

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  • RE: Yvette's "Single price grid component solution using flexbox" solution


    Hi! @agyeiyb, Congratulations on submitting your first solution👍 and welcome to this amazing community. For the shadow, you can there are some online shadow generator you can use to see how the value works.

    • Design aspect: Your design looks great.
    • Responsive aspect: It can be improved on the smaller devices like you can add the margin on both sides of the cards after the breakpoint 650px around. and for the mobile device, it is working fine.
    • Issues aroused: Great work! It's your first solution and no issues aroused. Happy coding🙂
  • RE: Bassel Alrefai's "Vanilla CSS and Vanilla JS site" solution


    Hi! @basselalrefai, let's see your solution

    • Design aspect: Your design looks fine, but you can improve it, like increasing the font-size of the main heading.
    • Responsive aspect: it works smoothly on smaller devices as well.
    • Issues aroused: You can try to fix the Accessibility and HTML issues.
  • RE: Chidera's "EasyBanking Landing Page" solution


    Hi! @elouisramsey, Congratulations on submitting your first solution and welcome to this community. Let's see the different-different aspect of your solution:

    • Design aspect: It looks fine. Few things you can modify are the bg-image and the gap between the latest article section cards so that it looks like in the design.
    • Responsive aspect: It works fine, only the image issue.
    • Issues aroused: You can fix the Accessibility and HTML issue. Good work👍, Happy Coding🙂