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  • Desktop design screenshot for the Manage landing page coding challenge
    • HTML
    • CSS
    • JS

    Manage Landing Page — Challenge Completed by alnahian2003

    Al Nahian780Submitted

    Everything is fine, but I haven't added Mobile Menu. There are few problems in the Carousel and in the Footer section.

    Could you please, help me out on how can I build a perfect mobile menu? I made some mobile menus before, but this time it seems a little different for me.

    Thank you

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  • Desktop design screenshot for the Social media dashboard with theme switcher coding challenge
    • HTML
    • CSS
    • JS

    Social Media Dashboard With Dark & Light Theme Challenge Completed!

    Al Nahian780Submitted

    Hi There I hope you're doing great! Today I've completed this challenge with love and passion. I've learned many new things while building the project and I'm so much excited to complete another challenge here.

    Please visit the Live Site and give me an honest review of my challenge and feel free to suggest to me some ideas about if I could do something more on this project or let me know if I made any mistakes anywhere. Give me a ❤ if you liked this project.

    Thank You

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  • Desktop design screenshot for the Social proof section coding challenge
    • HTML
    • CSS

    Social Proof Section — Challenge Completed by alnahian2003

    Al Nahian780Submitted

    Hi There, Today I've completed this challenge and I tried to make the project 100% pixel perfect as shown in the design. Let me know if there's something that I've missed to do or give me some suggestions that how could I make this project more perfect.

    Thank You

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Latest Comments

  • Al Nahian has commented on Szymon Rojek's "TailwindCss&Gulp switcherMode&prefersColorScheme&sessionStorage" solution


    Great Job! Dear, Szymon Rojek

    You did excellent and brilliant work on completing this challenge. I'm really glad to see your project and I already checked every functionality that you've implemented in this project and I also inspected your code.

    Here is my honest feedback:-

    • I really loved the Counter Animation on the numbers of the dashboard.

    • When I was checking your JS Source code, I've found that you have added a mindblowing functionality to Auto Detect the User's Device Default Theme which is really super cool! Hats off to you for this great idea!!!

    • I actually liked the interaction with Session Storage in this project. You did this thing in a very clever way.

    • Finally, I liked the Responsiveness of the entire project on any viewport.

    That's all.

    Happy Coding, mate!

  • Al Nahian has commented on MD Salahuddin's "IP Address Tracker with Vanilla JS" solution


    Amazing ! Excellent ! Mind Blowing! and Outstanding Work Dear MD Salahuddin!

    This is what we call a 100% Perfect Working Website! I'm really impressed to see your extra-ordinary work. You know what, I'm feeling much much motivated and inspired after seeing your project.

    I also loved that feature, It automatically detects my IP Address. That's also sufficient work!

    You got my on your solution <3

    Take Care

    Happy Coding, Mate!

  • Al Nahian has commented on Andro87's "Manage landing page" solution


    Hello There, Andro!

    It's really good to see your project here, and your solution looks 90% perfect! Feel free to check the Accessibility and HTML issues so that you can fix them and make your project totally perfect!

    I really appreciate your approach!

    Happy Coding!

    Al Nahian