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I'm a professional musician who likes to code in his spare time. Having spent some time working with iOS I have finally taken the plunge into web design, something I have been wanting to do for years! I also enjoy running and unicycling.

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Html, CSS, JS, ExpressJS and Node

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  • Desktop design screenshot for the NFT preview card component coding challenge

    NFT Preview Card Component using SCSS, Flexbox and Grid.

    • HTML
    • CSS

    This was very similar to the Order Card challenge and I tried to apply everything I learned from there. I found a solution for the hover effect on the image but I'm sure more elegant solutions exist and I would love to hear about them. Struggled to recreate the shadow under the card so some advice there would be great also. Otherwise very grateful for any feedback at all. Thanks a million.

  • Desktop design screenshot for the Order summary component coding challenge

    Order Summary Card using CSS and Flexbox

    • HTML
    • CSS

    I've used rem measurements extensively throughout. I have no idea if this is good practice and if not would love suggestions as to how I can improve this.

    Very happy to receive suggestions for improvements. Thanks a million.

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