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  • Roc Tanweer has commented on Devender Kumar's "EasyBank Landing Page" solution


    Hello Devender, Really nice work and I couldn't find any mistake though, but I would suggest that there should be a hover effect on links when ham btn is toggled. I know it's not in the design, it's just a suggestion

    Hope it helps and happy coding

  • Roc Tanweer has commented on Oghenemena Benaiah Agina's "Ping single column coming soon page" solution


    Hello πŸ‘‹ there and welcome to web dev world! You got to learn a lot ahead..! I will point out some things to make your work better...

    • Give padding top and bottom to your button instead of height and width.
    • Your social icons needs hover effect as per design.
    • it's a simple project so it's okay to use tag name to target but try using I'd for specific and class for general targetting.
    • Do outline to none for input field when focus and try doing border(as per the design) when focus. And don't forget to add padding inside the input field as well...

    A lot more but try doing these first...if you have done all the things I said then reply me and I will help you more

    Hope it helps πŸ˜‰

  • Roc Tanweer has commented on Raj Mhatre's "Site using HTML, CSS and JavaScript" solution


    Hello πŸ‘‹, For ham button, you may research on or you can also see my Easybank project solution, I believe my extremely DRY method of writing sass code is reader friendly.

    For background-image problem... You yourself has made background-image to none in js file... I would suggest put an overlay over the body when ham btn is may also apply linear gradient as you tried in js file... You may watch coder coder on yt EasyBank project... She has the solution to your problem

    Hope it helps Happy coding!

  • Roc Tanweer has commented on isabela lima's "Four Card Feature Section with HTML and CSS" solution


    Hello πŸ‘‹ Isabela, For responsiveness, you could do something like this...

    color : blue; 
    @media {max-width : 768px} {
    color : red;

    this code says that the color of h1 is blue but when the size of screen is below or at 768px the color of h1 is red.

    like h1, you can change the property of any element at certain width...this is called responsiveness. Remember to use relative units like rem And avoid using px.

    Hope it helps ☺️

  • Roc Tanweer has commented on Aishwarya Mali's "Clipboard Landing Page using Animate.css" solution


    Hello Aishwarya πŸ‘‹, I have not reviewed your code line by line but I have...So I wish to put some suggestions if you allow me...

    • Your way of displaying links in the footer is pretty unique but they are not links, they should be within tag wouldn't you say...
    • You might have forgotten to put hover effect on .btn

    Aside from these, Your way of writing code is awesome! so many utility classes...! If it would be a big project, that style would be very handy!

    Hope it helps ☺️ and happy coding!

  • Roc Tanweer has commented on Claude Manuela Ekotto Eboa's "Responsive Profile-card component with Flexbox and CSS" solution


    Hello πŸ‘‹, You have done quite well. You can use multiple images in a background and position them on will. For example,

    background-image : url(img1 directory),
    url(img2 directory);
    background-position : top -50vh left -50vw,
    top -50vh right -50vw;
    background-size : cover, cover;
    background-repeat : no-repeat, no-repeat;

    We use fixed positioning when we wish an element to positioned with respect to html document leaving it's space from the body.

    Hope it helps!

  • Roc Tanweer has commented on Hrvoje Toth's "Profile-card-component using Sass" solution


    Hello there,

    I had a lot of trouble making this one too! You can use two background images together place them wherever you want! And since we both use sass, you can easily understand my code

    You can either research online or review my code on same project...

    Hope it helps

  • Roc Tanweer has commented on Yahya's "React JSX Hooks Axios Tailwinds CSS" solution


    Salam ,

    Amazing! your project is actually working...

    I wish to share some things with you if you allow me...

    • Features, Resources and Company and their contents should be a link, wouldn't you agree? Like About, Blog, Support, etc.
    • Social icons should be cursor pointer...

    Hope it helps

  • Roc Tanweer has commented on abelsilva2407's "Profile card with HTML and CSS" solution


    Hello πŸ‘‹ I struggled a lot to make this πŸ˜… There are a lot to learn but I will tell you one thing if you allow me...

    You can set two background together and position them wherever you like...

    If you can research on internet on your own, then go ahead, if not then review my code on same project...

    If anything confuses you then lemmi know

    Hope it helps ☺️

  • Roc Tanweer has commented on Vishal Nirmal's "Rock, Paper, Scissor using CSS & JS" solution


    Hello there 😊

    For cleaner code you may learn Sass

    I always try to make my code as clean as possible, if you can tolerate reviewing other's code, I welcome you to review mine, it will help both of us, you can pin point my mistakes and you can also learn things from my code (humbly saying πŸ˜…)

    Hope it helps πŸ˜‰

  • Roc Tanweer has commented on Vinit's "incomplete solution,insure landing page" solution


    Hello there,

    I feel your pain! If you wish to learn DRY like I did Points..

    • learn Sass.
    • learn how to make utility classes.
    • learn partials in Sass and how to use variables and mixin and function in Sass

    If you can tolerate someone's code then review my code... I know you think it's not worth it but I believe you will learn because I fully use DRY using Sass

    You may watch Sass tutorial on freecodecamp yt channel

    Hope it helps πŸ™‚

  • Roc Tanweer has commented on Moses's "HTML and CSS" solution


    Hello πŸ‘‹ I have done this project today...

    I am afraid to say but your site needs improvement... Some of them, I will point out...

    • When ham button is toggled, the overlay is not covering the whole screen and not making a gradient effent...

    • font size need no be checked...

    • You may visit to see my project and just as I suggested you, you can also suggest me...

    Hope it helps!