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Ibadan, Nigeria

I love God & like coding, anything tech but nonsense are always out of my way. My favorite food is pounded yam & egusi soup so u can always buy me food & books

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  • Evbowe Efosa Collins has commented on Jesús Borrero's "Profile Card - HTML & CSS" solution


    I've tried doing that using the images as background-image, but It was too hard for me to get the desired design, so I found that it's better to put the images on the HTML and use them inside a div with position: absolute, and then set a parent div with position: relative

    my solution to the problem;

    parent div { height: 100%; width: 100%; overflow: hidden; position: relative; }

    .child-div(1) { position: absolute; top: -425px; left: -350px; }

    .child-div(2) { position: absolute; bottom: -550px; right: -300px; }

    Hope my explanation helps you! feel free to ask for help anytime :)

    Note: Your bg images must be nested in a div each i.e bg - img 1 is in a div and bg - img 2 in another div and these two divs will be nested in a parent div before you set the CSS properties.