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  • RE: Rarysson's "Huddle introductory page with HTML and CSS" solution


    Hey Rarysson! Well doneπŸ‘ on this challenge. Few things that you can improve are:-

    • Re scale the font-size of the heading and the paragraph.
    • Add some padding to the register button.
    • Add aria-label to the button and links to improve accessibility.
    • In mobile the huddle logo looks very small, so you can re scale it.

    Try out Sass and Bem methodology in your next solutions, they are awesome and using them will help you to cope up with the latest development trends.I wish you all the best in your development career! Keep up the good work πŸ’―.

  • RE: Gediminas Makutenas's "Grid Component using CSS Grid" solution


    Hey Senatrius, Well done! πŸ‘ on this challenge and welcome to heaven for front end developers, you will learn a lot with these awesome challenges.Your solution scales well on mobile and tablet so well done on the responsive design. Well done on using bem methodology and sass. Few things to consider in this solution are:-

    • Color of the Gain access paragraph is gray as you can see in the design.
    • Use aria-label attribute in the links and buttons for accessibility.
    • Correct the typo on access to our github repos list item.

    Congratulations on solving this challenge.

  • RE: Tobi-dev99's "With HTML, CSS and Flexbox" solution


    Well done!on your project.The improvements you can make in this project are: 1. the per month text should be centered with related to the $29 text.Add a box shadow and hover state to your sign up button.Add a box shadow and border radius to your main container. Move the why us subtext in an unordered list instead of an paragraph and remove padding from them.

    Keep up the good work!