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  • Amir Jacobs has commented on Guliye's "Responsive FAQ accordion using JS" solution


    Hi Guliye

    I noticed a few things about your Javascript:

    • I'd use functions to make clear what is happening. You could make a function called resetAccordion() and a function called showAccordion().
    • I'd make a bit more use of comments.
    • The accordion can only be opened by clicking the icon, but it'd be more user-friendly to have it open upon clicking .question.

    Have a nice day.

  • Amir Jacobs has commented on Rodrigo Gamboa's "Profile Card Component using HTML and CSS" solution


    Hey Rodrigo,

    I've taken a quick look and I noticed the following:

    • Instead of width: 375px I'd use width: 100%; max-width: 375px as this helps with responsive.
    • The blue background pattern images don't show up on mobile.
    • I'd add a margin to the sides of the page on mobile, so that the card doesn't touch the edges. Something like 5px to 15px should be perfect.
    • You could use the BEM method for your CSS. Not really necessary here as it's pretty clear, but I'd look into it nonetheless.

    Your code looks clean. Have a nice day. 😊

  • Amir Jacobs has commented on Bryan Martins de Araujo's "Tracking Introduction" solution


    Hey Bryan

    I've taken a look and I noticed the following things:

    • Your responsive design (376px and up) has some flaws.
    • You tend to use > in your CSS. I would make the elements specific by utilizing the BEM method.
    • You're using CSS variables -- that's great.

    Happy coding 😄

  • Amir Jacobs has commented on Karim's "huddle-landing-page-with-curved-sections" solution


    Hi Karim

    I took a quick look and I have some suggestions:

    • I'd stop using <br> to create space between elements. Instead, use margin or padding.
    • Your indentation could be improved -- perhaps look at how a code beautifier would indent your code.
    • In some cases I see inline-styling (such as <h1 style="font-size: 65px">2.7m+</h1>. I would put all styling in your CSS file instead.
    • Your class names and id's could be more descriptive. It's difficult to immediately tell what #final or #final2 is.
    • You also have some html and accessibility issues (there's a report of it on this page).

    You're on the right track. 😄