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Passionate, self-taught frontend developer, who loves coding and new challenges, web and open source.

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  • RE: August's "Huddle Landing Page" solution


    Hey, you know you use browser's dev tools to simulate view on different devices like mobile, tablet? Also there are little things you can fix for mobile 📱 like element width, buttons to squished.


  • RE: Dulce's "Clipboard landing page (pure css-html)" solution


    Hey, nice job overall, a few notes to improve:

    • class namings could be better, sometimes repeating css styles;
    • be consistent with values (like margin: 150px 0 4em; padding: 1em 0 3.5em;), follow vertical rhytm(choose one, for example, margin-bottom for spacing between elements);
    • add transition to links, buttons;
    • check into css variables.

    Keep practicing, Roman

  • RE: Rowland's "Base Apparel Page Using CSS Grid & Flexbox" solution


    Hey, there are some issues with layout and overflow - use mediaqueries to overwrite styles on different breakpoints. Usually mobile-first approach results in less code. Pay attention to change values of grid or flex, margin, paddings, etc on smaller viewports. Also don't use so man selectors - just one class is enough.

    Cheers, Roman